I am a creative soul, a visionary, a intuitiv healer, an experimental photographer, a dancer, a designer with an background of UX/ UI and so much more …

I am obsessed with how the human mind perceives reality. I love to manipulate and record images from my experience (whether self-constructed or naturally occurring) to create various digital imagery. At times my creations take on the form of optical illusions, delineated abstractions or blurred color fields. At others, eerie forgotten landscapes, transfixed in an electrified time, seem to emerge. This playing with images is the foundation by which the world of frequencies, vibrations and metaphysical happenings can be built upon, further exploring my expression through art. Experimentation with this visual realm is what guides my artistic practice. 

In my Soundpaintings, vibrations, originating from real-world sound sources or even subtler qualities such as emotions, are captured digitally and presented as visual abstractions. This is accomplished by using a computer program, camera and microphone; where the “event“ being captured is affected visually by the auditory distortions the program hears. This new “Digital Impressionism“ is evoked by environmental sound as simple as ones voice, breath or even music as the program distorts and transforms it into visible fixed imagery.